Public Sector

Leveraging agile enterprise methodologies along with the latest in technology to grow and secure your business

Our Services

Private Sector Businesses

Spearpoint provides security and technology consulting services to companies ranging from small startups to tech giants. Learn how Spearpoint can work with you to grow and secure your business.

Core Philosophy

  • Make Sense: Start by understanding problems, available resources and company objectives
  • Make Decisions: Establish and communicate clear direction based on the information at hand
  • Make Actions: Take steps towards achieving the vision in a structured and repeatable manner

Making sense of a company's request allows Spearpoint to meet customer needs and provide the most value. Based on this evaluation, Spearpoint can guide customers toward decisions that align with the company's objectives, stay within budget and solve the root cause of problems. Spearpoint's team of specialists is also more than capable of implementing those solutions in order to save our customers money and free up internal resources.

Security Operations

Securing your application, network and enterprise

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Establishing, managing and auditing your risk & security controls

Development Operations

Providing development, CI/CD, and infrastructure support

Business Operations

Helping businesses make sense, make decisions, and take action